The Dolphin Girl Library, The Ocean of Thoughts

Hiya again!

Hi everyone! How’s your day? Mine was awesome! We have this competition called Technothlon this weekend, it’s sort of like a logic puzzle thing. My parabatai Dolphin Girl and I are participating as a team. We just finished practicing for it a little before this. I’m so nervous, it’s hilarious. The winning team gets to go to NASA, and even though I’ve gone there, I really want to again. Make sense? Well, I don’t actually have much hope since we’ll be competing against a lot of other teams. Wish us luck!

Also, as I’ve probably told you before, Dolphin Girl and I maintain a sort of journal, where we write our innermost thoughts, and things that are troubling us. I mainly started this for her, since God knows that girl keeps internalising everything. 

Well today, she gave me the journal with a serious expression, and left the class. I read the entire thing, and it was long. Four pages. And there were tear stains on it. It absolutely broke my heart. Dolphin Girl, as you all know, is not a girl who cries. And the fact that she has suicidal thoughts, among others, made me terribly sad. I thought that I knew what was going on in her head. Her parents keep down playing her emotions, and tell her to focus on her studies. My parents are sort of the same, so I get it. 

And when we had our fight, I actually told her that I don’t think we’ll be the same ever again. She thought that this meant I was going to leave her. She wrote that she won’t be able to bear it if I left her, because I was the only one she’d opened up to like this. 

And also, my father is nagging me about my career choice, again. And this time, it’s everyday. He comes home, and begins his speech. It is so irritating. Instead of helping me, and giving me opportunities to try out what I want to choose, he keeps telling me that it’s not right for me. How will I know it isn’t right for me if I don’t try it? He doesn’t understand that. God. It just makes me so angry. Well, I really hope your parents aren’t like this, haha. 

Invisible Girl, becoming visible again~