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Intro to Anime

Hello all! Today, I wanted to talk to you about this new anime I just finished watching, The Death Note. I’m sure most of you have already watched it. I didn’t want to get addicted to anime, so I didn’t watch it earlier. But one of my friends was watching it when I went to his house, and thus began the story of my drug addiction. I finished the entire series in 3 days (cause Indian homework is not your friend, nuh uh). And I loved it!

It’s basically about this boy named Light, who finds this weird notebook which claims to have the power to kill people merely by writing their name on its pages. He’s hesitant at first, but drawn to the power of the book, he decides to write down the name of a criminal who’s image was appearing on the television. To his shock, the man dies. That’s where things get twisted. He begins calling himself the God of the new world, who’d save everyone and rid the world of evil. He’s insane. A true psychopath. But a genius, through and through. His plans are astonishingly thorough, and many times I found myself gaping in shock and wonder when he revealed them. Then come the police, aided by a mysterious figure named L. L, is a genius, just like Light. I won’t reveal the rest of the series to you, because it’s better if you watch it yourself.

Honestly, I loved this anime. Light, however insane, was a genius. I marvel his intelligence. Other times, I found myself repulsed by the fantasy he’d created for himself. I see myself in him. Not because I’m a genius, but because when I believe something is right, nothing can stop me. L is my favourite character, though. He’s adorable, and his habits are quite endearing. I felt really sad at a particular point (again, watch the anime to know what I’m talking about). But the way everything progresses is amazing. You’ll start by loving Light (maybe? That’s what I did), but soon you’ll hate him, or maybe try to justify his actions. It’s perplexing trying to sort out your emotions, and honestly, not get addicted to this. The creators seriously need to be given more credit, because all the genius of L, Light and N stems from them. So hats off to you, and may you make even more anime for us to watch!

Invisible Girl, becoming visible again~

Uncrazy things


Hi again! I’d apologise for the haitus, but I can’t. My exams had been going on, so I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I just wanted to ask, do you people mind if I post book reviews here? It’s just that I read a lot of books (according to my dad, atleast 400 every year, which is true) and there are a few which are notable and commendable. And a few of my poems too. I haven’t been taking many photos lately, because my dad doesn’t allow me to use his camera anymore. So now I’m back to good ol’ writing and art again. Just comment below or like this post if you want me to post book reviews, or reviews of anything that interests me, and which I feel will be relevant to other people. Thanks so much for showing your support! It truly means a lot to me.

Invisible Girl, becoming visible again~